Apply Lemon, Milk and Honey Mixture face mask for 20 min

Potato has rich in vitamin C and it act as mild bleaching agent and it's remove dead cells from the skin. Leave the potato mask overnight for effective result

Papaya Contains enzymes such as alpha hydroxy acids and papin to remove dead cells. Papaya mixing with honey is the best home remedy for whiting skin

Yogurt Contains vitamin B which turn the skin more radiant. Yogurt is most skin whitening home remedies

Rice flour + Milk mixture apply and leave it for half an hour

Boil the cumin seeds and wash your face concoction. It contains vitamin E for glow the skin.

Sandalwood is the best skin whitening remedy is an age-old practice. Leave the sandalwood mask for 20 min for best result 

Carrot + Avocado mixture helps improve the skin's texture and complexion. Apply this mask for 15 min for best result

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