A person who sang and danced a duet with a shark underwater… a viral video that is stirring the Internet.!

When we think of a shark, we all remember its sharp teeth and predatory nature. Beyond that, Hollywood movies like “Jaws” and how it hunts and kills everything unfolds on the mind screen. But the world is different, people are different. Mainly on the internet news about these strange people are published from time to time and go viral. Some of the videos that go viral look unbelievable and unrealistic. Those videos are there because someone is forced to prove it.

One such video was posted on Twitter and is currently going viral. And many netizens are shocked to see it.

The video features a female lead underwater with a man tying a shark, and the male lead doing the same dance moves with the shark as he sings a duet. The way he dances to the music and the shark does nothing to match him is hilarious, beautiful and unbelievable at the same time.

The video went viral within hours of its release. As he dances with the shark, many people are watching from outside. The shark, like his beloved, is very quietly joining in with his dance, and it’s like dancing too.

After the video was shared, a Twitter user posted another video of the man from Florida in the comments section, in which the man is already walking around with an alligator strapped to him. Post that video “Fantastic Florida Man Again” He has also added the phrase.

The video, which was posted on September 18, has received more than one lakh views till now. And many people are posting their comments praising his brave act.

Wow, seeing this man dance with aquatic creatures is really adorable,” one user commented. “It’s amazing,” said another. “What? I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen anything like this before,” posted another.

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