An artificial intelligence that has created the face of a human that never existed before

In January 2021, OpenAi, an artificial intelligence platform, was developing a text-based image.

Artificial intelligence has been virally talked about for the past few days. Various movies have come out about how robots work and how intelligent artificial intelligence is. But the artificial intelligence platforms and apps that are currently being developed to surpass movies are surprisingly effective.Recently, an artificial intelligence model that generates photos has produced beautiful, stunning photos. But therein lies the greatest danger.

None of the faces in the photos created by an artificial intelligence are real. That is, artificial intelligence has created the faces of humans that have never existed before. In January 2021, OpenAi, an artificial intelligence platform, was developing a text-based image. It is noteworthy that since its introduction, various improvements have been seen that have amazed all parties. Leading the way in creating amazing photos that match the words and sentences that users enter.

For example, if you enter people at a party, this ai will create a stunning photo that looks perfect. The people in this photo look like real people, but none of these people are real. That is, this artificial intelligence model has created the faces of people who have never lived, which has caused a huge surprise.

A user posted the photos created by Ai on Twitter and spoke about how dangerous it could be.

Looking at all of these photos, it’s almost as if they’ve actually taken a camera and photographed women at a party. Here’s a tweet of AI-generated photos of party girls. Well you can think about what kind of danger is, or could be, in this photo. Although they look almost like real women, if you take a closer look at these pictures, you will notice many subtle differences.

The women in this photo have a lot of teeth. Apart from that, their skin is more shiny than normal. And my neck is a little different. When you look at all the tattoos on them, they look like aliens.

With artificial intelligence that can automatically learn so much and generate similar faces in just one year since the platform was launched, it’s a little scary to think what can be done in five years!

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