CNG vs Hybrid Car – Which is the Cheapest Vehicle?

Due to the toxic fumes emitted by petrol and diesel vehicles, the environmental damage has worsened in cities around the world. In such a situation, steps are being taken to adopt zero or less pollution mode of transport.

In particular, countries around the world are giving importance to the use of electric vehicles called EVs. At the same time, until the use of electric vehicles is accepted by the majority of people or until a very large number of electric vehicles are produced and put into use, the challenges of environmental pollution have to be faced.

In that way, Compressed Natural Gas vehicles or vehicles with hybrid engines are very useful. CNG technology has been used in the Indian market for a long time, but hybrid vehicles are only now coming into use. They do because the requirements of the two vehicles are different.

What are the benefits of buying a CNG car?

First thing is that we can consider CNG vehicles as hybrid vehicles. But, they are not called that. Why is a CNG vehicle a hybrid because you can run it on petrol or on CNG gas? It’s remarkable how far you can travel when using both together.

For example, suppose your car’s petrol tank has a capacity of 30 litres. It gets 15 kmpl. Given the mileage you will get 450 km. Can travel far. At the same time, even if your vehicle runs out of petrol, it can run approximately 200 km on CNG gas. Can also travel up to So, in total you can cover 650 km. Able to travel far.

Since CNG is cheaper than petrol, your running costs are also reduced. Also, CNG is a greener fuel that emits less pollution. At the same time, it is worth noting that a CNG car is slightly more expensive than a petrol car.

What are the advantages of purchasing a hybrid car?

Honda, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are selling hybrid vehicles in India. Hybrid vehicles can provide higher mileage. That means around 20 kms more than the mileage you get from petrol. Get more. But, hybrid cars have limited boot space.

With so many gas stations across the country, you can fill up quickly when you run out of gas. But CNG gas stations are less and cannot be filled immediately.

CNG and Hybrid Car

The cost varies depending on the car model you choose and the distance you travel on a daily or monthly basis. But when it comes to performance, hybrid cars will give you the most bang for your buck.

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