Do you get a ‘coma’ if bitten by a mosquito?

Mosquito has grow to be one of many inevitable issues in our life. To such an extent that mosquitoes are rampant in most components of our nation. A mosquito chew hurts like a needle, and a faucet makes it run away. Some varieties of mosquito bites may cause ailments like dengue and malaria at most. That is what everyone knows.

However are you able to imagine mosquito chew in Germany has left somebody in a coma? It is true.

Sebastian Roetzke is a resident of Rodermark, Germany. He, who’s a businessman, fell sick resulting from mosquito chew in the summertime of 2021. He’s mentioned to have been bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito.

Because the bites of this kind of mosquito may cause ailments reminiscent of encephalitis and dengue, therapies have been given, however Sebastian’s well being is deteriorating daily. Medical doctors have additionally given some therapies. However there was no enchancment in his well being. Sebastian’s blood is poisoned.

Resulting from this, varied adjustments have been occurring in his physique. Resulting from his deteriorating situation, Sebastian has undergone varied surgical procedures. Medical doctors say that just about 30 surgical procedures have been carried out. At one level, each of Sebastian’s ft have been severely amputated. They’ve performed that too.

Additionally, all of Sebastian’s inner organs, together with his coronary heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys, have been affected. Resulting from blood poisoning, the interior organs of the physique will not be capable of perform constantly and have been affected. He additionally went right into a coma for 4 weeks. Sebastian by no means went overseas. He obtained bitten by a mosquito in Germany.

Talking to the media as his situation worsened, Sebastian mentioned that after being bitten by a mosquito, he developed a light fever and have become unable to eat, after which he went to the hospital. He painfully mentioned that his situation worsened daily and he skilled nice ache as his left thigh was sealed and at one level his situation went right into a coma.

Medical doctors have mentioned that Sebastian’s situation is enhancing.

Do not be detached like a traditional mosquito anymore.

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