Everyone except DMK and Congress should come to our alliance

AIADMK, DMK Otherwise, the three of them can fight as partners BJP State President Annamalai said.

Tamil Nadu BJP president Annamalai has given an interview to News 18 Tamil Nadu TV. In response to the question of who and who could be in the BJP alliance, he said that everyone except the DMK and the Congress should come to our side.

He said that the next election is a very important election, so everyone should face it together.

Answering the question whether it would be right if the Vishika and Madhyamik join the alliance, he said that Thirumavalavan should create a casteless society. He said that if that happens, he is also the right person to join our alliance.

Responding to a question on how he sees the AIADMK problem, he said that the AIADMK problem is an internal party problem and the BJP cannot interfere in it.

Also, when asked why the BJP has not yet reached a big place in Tamil Nadu, he said that since there were big personalities like Annadurai, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, nothing could be done. How can only BJP come out on top in an environment where no one can rule against them. That’s why I couldn’t come. But now BJP is trying to unite with the people, he said.

Answering the question whether the situation of DMK vs AIADMK in Tamil Nadu will become BJP Vs, he said that we are also partners and all three can fight as partners together.

On the question of which is the bigger party, the AIADMK alliance or the BJP alliance, the AIADMK is the bigger party, ideologically the DMK is competing with them. However, he said that the AIADMK is the biggest party.

Answering the question whether he will contest in the next election, he said that he does not want to stand in the parliamentary elections and my goal is to bring BJP in Tamil Nadu in 2026. He said that he is working on it.

He said that in such a situation, how will BJP come to Tamil Nadu in 2026, faith is everything, if people believe, everything will change overnight.

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