Have a look.. Can you find the hidden snowman?

Despite the introduction of new optical illusions every day, the search for them and the desire to solve the puzzle never ceases among netizens. The reason for this is that it is more interesting than the puzzle games that we have been playing for ages and can seriously work the eyes and brain. The fact that only one percent have figured out the puzzle that can be hidden in most optical illusions shows how difficult it is.

When it comes to optical illusions there is always a good mouse for the ‘find, find’ type that is well hidden within a given painting or photograph. Although psychologists can use optical illusion puzzles to predict what a person is like, assess their brain power and eyesight, kids and adults alike love it for the thrill of finding the answer.

Now this time we have brought you a very challenging puzzle that can pique your interest. Take a good look at the above optical illusion and hit the ground running?, or not? Decide as. Because at the end you will not be surprised to see the answer that we have to show you.

Above is a picture of Christmas decoration. A snowman has disappeared by then. Today’s challenge for you is to find it right. Can your eyes see various star shaped designs like white, green, yellow, blue throughout the picture?. A hint is given that the snowman is hidden within one of the designs. Take a close look at the large white designs in particular…you might even catch a glimpse of a snowman.

Did you figure it out?… Yes, it can be a very confusing puzzle. Some might even think that the figure of the Snowman is nowhere to be found in the film and is deliberately misleading us. But the truth is that the snowman is hidden away from anyone’s eyes. For those who can’t find the answer, we give the answer ourselves.

Take a good look at the third white design from the right in the top row. You can see that the design drawn from the center of the star is slightly different from the other designs, now if you look closely you can see a white snowman figure. Those who found the answer post how you found it and how long it took in the comment box.

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