Important things to know about omicron variant

The world health organization has now confirmed that the omicron variant is quite transmissible yet not. So lethal the reason seems to be the similarity of the genetic material to the virus which causes the common cold a study now claims that omicron causes common cold which has the small part of genetic material in the virus.

Now this makes the omicron variant more transmissible while only causing mild symptoms the study has been conducted by cambridge a massachusetts-based data analytics firm interestingly. Omicron genetic material sequence not there on earlier versions of the coronavirus. The new mutation could have first occurred in a person infected with both covid 19 and the common cold the finding comes after the world health organization claim that there is a chance of people being infected with two strains simultaneously.

Depending on their immunity the same genetic sequence appears in human immunodeficiency virus which causes aids south africa has the world’s highest rate of hiv which may indicate low immunity being the reason for the omicron variant and its further spread.

Scientists say that omicron can evade attacks from the human immune system but may only cause mild or asymptomatic disease it may take several weeks to know the exact reasons for the viruses behavior as more research is.


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