Indian PM Modi meets Russian President Vladimir Putin

The indian prime minister narendra modi is all set to receive the russian president vladimir putin for the India Russia summit which is being hosted at the Hyderabad house. In the national capital the Russian leader is on his way to the summit when you this will be the first in-person meeting between the two leaders. After their meeting on the sidelines of the brics summit the russian president.

We’ll be holding those discussions with the indian prime minister with the emphasis being on defense trade several aspects of the strategic partnership overall also the emphasis that has been laid on terrorism as a common thread. There we have the images of the indian prime minister at hyderabad house. Waiting to receive the russian president vladimir putin for the india russia summit there.

How several bilateral agreements are on the table as far as the issues and the areas are concerned defense trade there’s also the emphasis that has been laid as we’ve been discussing on a terrorism as a common thread now.

This meeting coming at a very significant time given the changes in the geopolitical situation over the last few months the balancing act as far as the relationship with the u.s is concerned is also something that experts. We’ve been speaking to have outlined as will be an interesting aspect to watch out for given the significance and the timing of this meeting which carries far-reaching implications.

We’ve been talking about how this is a meeting that has been watched closely not just by those in india and russia but specifically by those in the u.s and china apart from different parts of the world as well given the changes in the geopolitical situation and the tricky balancing act as far as the relationship is concerned the russian president and narendra modi have met 14 times.

I have met 19 times by your pardon since 2014 that in itself is a huge telling sign of the significance of the relationship between the two sides and how expectations are running high. I’m so very happy to be able to travel here to visit the friendly country of india still it is our turn to travel to india. So i’d like to thank you for your invitation we perceive india as a great power a friendly nation and a time-tested relations between our countries.

Last year the trade has decreased by 17 this year in the first nine months of this year we see an increase by 38 percent. In natural we have every opportunity to reach the levels of trade that you have spoken before and the same applies to investments such as right now.

The mutual investment stands at about 38 billion with a bit more investments coming from the russian side that applies to the energy sector and high tech including space and i think that the programs that we will be discussing here. Today will be implemented fully including the training of indian spaceman cosmonauts. We also cooperate greatly in military and technical sphere like with no other country by that.

I mean that we developed high technologies together as well as produced in india. We also have common important agenda that is of interest both to india and russia and by that. I mean environmental cooperation we think about the green agenda and about the development of our economies but naturally we proceed from the reality and the needs of our economies. That is to consistently increase the level of life for our citizens.

We continue to cooperate directly in global on global agenda and as you have said indeed our positions are quite similar or coincides. I mean the fight against terrorism also fighting drug trafficking and as we have our colleagues with us today i mean foreign ministers and defense ministers after their inaugural meeting that means that we continue to develop our cooperation on the international agenda and give the military sphere.

We hold joint military exercises both on the indian and russian territory. I’d like to thank you for your attention to this component of our cooperation and we intend to work further on that matter once again thank you very much for your invitation.

The opening remarks delivered by the indian prime minister narendra modi and the russian president Vladimir putin as they begin their talks during the 21st annual. India russia summit those remarks in itself reflecting the many facets of the india-russia relationship and the emphasis that the two sides attached to their partnership to decode. What the expectations are at this point with us from moscow is a political analyst dmitry babich 19 meets since 2014 between these two leaders according to you.

What is the messaging behind the russian president’s visit to india and what that tells us about the significance that moscow attaches to this equation well let me remind you that this is the first official visit of our president vladimir putin to a foreign country since the pandemic began almost two years ago.

There was an occasional visit to geneva specifically for a meeting with president biden but it was not a visit to switzerland and now we have a full-fledged official visit to india and this is the first country that putin decided to visit kind of terminating his self-imposed seclusion.

You know this seclusion was imposed on himself by the danger of covid 19. I think this is very symbolic and this means that india is one of the most important foreign partners for russia that’s why our president decided to visit it in person and not to do it.

The india-russia relationship as of now stands at a very crucial juncture what would moscow hope to achieve through these talks well moscow attaches special importance uh to the relationship with india. Because india is the world’s future leader this is part of vladimir putin’s philosophy.

Why do we have so much tension in the world because the power the economic power the political power is going away from the west to the countries like india to the countries like russia and it is very important for us to talk to each other to be in contact.

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