Does Elon Musk’s Brain Microchip Control Humans?

Elon Musk’s San Francisco company, Neuralink, has been researching on a chip which can be inserted in the human brain and connected to a computer. This chip will track and maybe boost brain activity.

In Which Animal Neuralink Tested?

Several tests on monkeys have been conducted by the biotech company in this regard. Musk’s Neuralink, on the other hand, has been accused of exposing its primates to illegal maltreatment and terrible suffering during chip implant testing. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine filed an official complaint with the US Department of Agriculture, claiming that monkeys suffered “severe pain as a result of inadequate animal care and the highly intrusive experimental head implants used during the research.” PCRM further stated that just seven of Neuralink’s 23 monkeys survived the testing and were transported to a Neuralink facility in 2020, while 15 died. However, according to Neuralink, just eight animals were euthanized. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Neuralink has been employing monkeys to promote the advancement of its devices. Earlier in April 2021, the biotech business posted a video of a monkey with a Neuralink chip implanted in its head playing the computer game ‘Pong.’ Musk stated in December last year that Neuralink will shortly begin testing on humans by 2022. Musk, who is well-known for speaking out on technological growth and its application in achieving a tech-fueled future, is also the founder of Tesla Inc, Boring Co., and SpaceX, in addition to Neuralink.

How Neuralink Works?

Before delving into how Neuralink works, it’s important to grasp the science behind the human brain. The brain is made up of neurons that send messages to cells throughout the body such as muscle, nerve, gland, and other neuron cells. Every neuron is made up of three parts: the dendrite, the soma (cell body), and the axon. Each of these components has a certain purpose. The signals are picked up by the dendrite. The soma is in charge of processing these signals. The signals are then transmitted to the other cells via the axon. Synapses, which release neurotransmitters, connect neurons. These chemical substances are then delivered to the dendrite of another neuron cell, causing current to flow across the neurons.

The electrodes in the Neuralink will read electrical impulses produced by various neurons in the brain. The signals are then output as an action or movement. According to the company’s website, the gadget is implanted directly in the brain because placing it outside the head will not effectively detect the brain’s impulses. Now that you know what Neuralink is and how it works, you should know what Neuralink does.

What’s the uses of Neuralink to humans? Why? 

It can also be used to connect the human brain to technology. This means that people who are paralysed can use their brain to operate their phones and computers. Its primary function is to assist people in communicating via text or voice messages. Of course, Neuralink may be used for more than just that; it can also be used to draw pictures, capture photographs, and perform other tasks.

The Link will be further developed by Neuralink to assist people with neurological illnesses and impairments. According to the company, it might be used to rehabilitate physical mobility. “To accomplish this, we’d utilise the Link to read brain impulses and use them to stimulate nerves and muscles in the body, allowing the person to regain control of their own limbs,” it added.

Eventually, Neuralink hopes to “create a safe and effective clinical BMI system that is wireless and totally implantable that patients can control independently and take anywhere they go.”

“The device is implanted flush with the skull and charges wirelessly, so you look & feel totally normal,” Musk said.

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