Is hockey is not our national game?

What is the national sport of India what would be you answer maybe hockey or cricket but to our surprise none of these games are actually the national sport of India. Then what’s with all the confusion and what is actually the national sport of India.

If you also grew up believing that Hawk is the national sport of India then here is a shock for you that India does not recognize any particular sport as their national sport this has been confirmed by the sports ministry of India.

Pratap Singh Tomar Declaration

In reply to our RTI filed by a 12 year old girl in 2012 named Aishwarya parecer in order to get certified copies of orders related to the declaration of national anthem both songbird except then the secretary of sports ministry Pratap Singh Tomar replied that the ministry has not declared any particular game as national sport.

Now you must be wondering that why hockey has so long been known as the national sport of India why not cricket, football, chess or anything else and if you think it is because hockey was invented in India.

How Hockey become national game of India

Then again you were wrong because many traces are found from Egypt and Ireland which shows the existence of hockey years before. Indians have picked the hockey stick the main reason behind people assuming and are now officially declaring hockey as the national sport lies in India success in hockey at the Olympics.

So India’s golden era started in 1928 when our hockey team appeared in the Olympics for the first time and won gold medal defeating Nederland in that tournament our hero major honcho is scored 14 goals including a hat-trick in the final and then subsist continued from 1928 to 1980.

We won eight gold medals one silver medal and two bronze medals in 12 appearances none of the other games at that time were as famous successfully as hockey.

So we can say that this five decade dominance of hockey was the reason why we believed hockey was the national sport of India.

Why India has not yet declared any game as its National Sport

 India has not yet declared any game as its national sport this would be the cultural variation that exists in India.

We are a country of so many different cultures that makes it difficult to pick one sport that has significance for all cultures like Kabaddi is popular in not but boat racing himself and football is popular in penguin also the popularity of any sport cannot be the criteria to choose national sport.

Because that is not constant in the late 20th century her he was popular sport but today in 21st century people are crazy about cricket which may not remain same in future hence it makes sense that why we don’t have a national sport till day.