Poonam Kaur who’s affected by a critical sickness

Actress Poonam Kaur is affected by fibromyalgia.

It could actually trigger “fatigue, sleep, reminiscence and temper adjustments with widespread musculoskeletal ache”. Poonam, who has acted in a number of languages, was just lately in Kerala. Then the consultants identified him with this drawback.

This requires figuring out signs and making way of life adjustments, together with train, therapies and coverings. It has been talked about in a medical portal that after an individual will get fibromyalgia, he has to get used to dwelling with it for the remainder of his life.

An individual near Poonam Kaur has instructed Telugu media that she has been affected by extreme bodily ache for the previous 2 years. Poonam, who’s a social activist within the Telugu states, participated in Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra to focus on the issues confronted by handloom weavers.

Poonam, who’s 36 years previous, has acted in Tamil movies resembling Nenjarudupa, Unnepol Oruvan and Vedi.

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