Tata is the leading company in the sale of electric cars with 90 percent shares.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Tata Motors is the country’s leading car manufacturing company. Many new types of cars are being designed to suit today’s technological development and people’s needs. Especially as today’s customers are more interested in buying electric cars, Tata is also ahead of other car makers in designing such cars. In particular, Tata Motors leads the way with 90 per cent share over other electric vehicle (EV) makers.

Tata Motors is planning to introduce 10 new vehicles to the electric vehicle lovers, as the Nexon EV sales of Tata Motors are currently on the rise. Tata Motors plans to invest Rs 15,000 crore in the electric vehicle manufacturing segment over the next 5 years, being the leader in electric vehicle manufacturing.

With sales of Nexon EV, which is popular among electric vehicle lovers, currently on the rise, Tata has announced that it is planning to introduce 10 new vehicles. According to a recent report, 9 out of 10 electric vehicles sold in India this year are made by Tata. Nexon’s rise as a leading electric car maker is mostly due to its EV cars. Tata’s flagship Nexon EV has sold 21,997 units till last September. And it is the most electric car sold in India so far.

Tata Tigor EV sold 7,903 units last September, followed by Tata’s Nexon electric cars. In India, MG Motor’s first electric SUV-ZS EV – has sold 2418 units and is at the third position. And it has to be said that Hyundai’s only EV, the Kona, was launched much earlier but was not as successful as Tata’s Nexon EV. Finally the Kia EV 6 is the fourth best selling car in India. It is noteworthy that 16 units of these cars have been sold till last September.

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