What is Juice Hacking?

Juice Hacking now it’s a word which is very uncommon and once you hear this word you wonder what this exactly means and how to avoid it. It’s basically if I have to explain in a very simple language you must have seen people charging their mobile phones through external USB ports on airports on railway stations.

These services are normally provided everywhere so once you bring your mobile phone through the you is before then charging your data that charging of data can be used for hacking purposes.

How Juice Hacking Works

It is a type of cyberattack which originates from USB charging port installed at public places such as airports bus stands etc. So once the device is plugged in and the connection is established it either installs a malware or secretively copies sensitive data from a smartphone or any other computer device.

Your entire mobile data can be manipulated can be Spolin and can be misused. The power and the data cable which we see the public charging station provides unauthorized access to attackers during the charging process it leverages a legitimate access to get our personal information which is taken away.

So this attack could be as simple as extracting your contact details and private pictures or injecting malicious code directly into your devices which will then copy all the passwords of your financial data.

Now we all know that how sensitive our mobile phone has become everything which we do on a mobile is related to our financial transactions our personal life our privacy the pictures which we click.

Just imagine if that is compromised by a person who is having malicious intent it can be misused and you can be in trouble. So how does does this work what is the basic way to steal data from your mobile phone while it is getting charged.

Now USB port is often used as a medium for data transfer a regular USB connector has five pins where only one is needed to charge the device two of the other pins are used for data transfers as we all often charger devices while USB port.

It may tend to open the option to transfer the files between the devices the attacker here often uses the off-the-shelf hardware that gets installed on the charging port of public charging board.

Dangerous of  Juice Hacking

These are specifically designed to read security and gain access to connect devices information as well as the connection established and you may lose your data even without knowing it and that is how dangerous it can become.

Attorney General California Annouced

In US at california los angeles City at Attorney Department has already issued alert to local residents and travelers to avoid charging phones at public charging places especially in airports.

State Bank of India Alert

In December 2019 State Bank of India has also issued warning to its customers about this deadly mobile malware the two most common harm the juice jacking can do is data theft data is stolen from the connected device.

There are crawlers that can search your phone for personal information account credentials banking related credit card data. These crawlers have the ability to copy all the information to their own devices.

There are also malicious apps that can clone all your phone’s data into another phone so once the connection established this malware automatically installs in the connected device the malware remains on the device until it is detected and removed by the user.

There are many categories of malware that cyber criminals can install through Juice hacking including adware crypto miners and somewhere spyware or Trojans.

How can you protect your data from Juice jacking

The most important thing which you need to do is do not charge your mobile phones at any places such as airports or any public place.

Carry your own charger wherever you get the opportunity charged through your own charging point through your own charging charger.

So keep your device’s fully charge or carry personal charge a power bank with you and lock your phone.

Locking your phone means complete locking of your phone switch off your phone and use a USB cable. Now this can avoid this kind of malicious intent and this can prevent your privacy and security as well.

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