What is MEAN stack?

Full form of M.E.A.N stack 

M.E.A.N that actually stands for 





MongoDB first of all in mean stack itself so more body means are no SQL database no SQL database means it does not have a fixed schema as you can see it has no fixed schema unlike my student mssql data is stored in a JSON format unlike MySQL where your data is stored in a tabular format.

It is free and open source and in case if you want to know more about Moe DB you can actually visit more body b.com now advantages of Mama DB it has unstructured schema. so like in one row you have three column in second row you have four column and third row you have maybe one one column when data is not related to each other.

So why you should be using MongoDB when you have a data which is not at all related to each other and MongoDB is especially good for big data projects okay so if you have a huge amount of data MongoDB is one of the platform you should be using for that Big Data project.

What is Express?

Express is exactly an MVC framework for node.js applications okay it’s free and open source and of course the website is expressed yes dot-com okay now what are the advantages of Express so first of all it is simple and lightweight so it’s not a heavy piece of dependency which you have to install to get your application up and running it’s a very small and lightweight one version it blends quite well with main stack.

So you can of course see it sitting right at the second spot at mean stack as E in X press ok it is very easy to configure and customize. Because you can see it provides you the flexibility which you require and let’s create for creating the API so in case if the application is relies a lot on API like you’re talking to different people with the help of API this is one of the frameworks you should be using especially if you want to create something which is actually faster and it’s very easy to create since it helps you create prototypes very fast.

 Who is using Express?

uber, Myntra, a Yandex, quizup and Accenture are the companies I can name right now who are using Express J’s now what is angular angular of course you can see MVC framework for client and applications.

If I talk about Express, Express it’s behind the application as back-end and angular sits in front of the application as front end okay helps in creating highly interactive application so I cannot simply tell you what are the powers of angular if I talk about all the modern day applications are sort of a lot of applications are built on angular itself.

It is free and open source and the website is of cost angular dot io now what are the advantages helps in creating cross-platform application for mobile desktop and web so earlier it used to be a problem when you had to create an application for mobile for desktop and web separately.

Angular you can do it with one just one piece of code can actually work on mobile desktop and web okay create support for creating progress with web applications of course you can you understand progress of web applications having are of course right now the best thing that has happened to back then and angular is supporting it from the very early stage.

So like angular has a trade support for progress of that application. Angular is also backed by Google so you may consider this as an advantage but you understand if a company like Google is supporting a framework like angular that means it has power and there’s a huge community support with it ok then helps you create single page application so the application which do not refresh which do not load which actually talks to database in the background so it helps us to create a great customer experience for our customers.

So it had it helps you create a single page application now who is using angular so of course since it’s a product of Google I should not mention Google’s already using it but big companies like JP Morgan UPS Apple and Microsoft are few companies which are using angular.

I’m not going to name all of them but a lot of people are already using them especially if I rock about these are the fortune 500 companies now final point coming to what is node so node enables you to write application with JavaScript in the server so right now previously you used to use you use JavaScript to create a client end sort of application but with JavaScript you sorry if it’s node you can actually create an application which can sit in your server and can walk and talk to your customers okay it’s free and open source node is cross-platform.

Windows Mac or Linux see if it works in everywhere without doing anything and the website is of course node.js. 

Advantages of node.js:

Uses asynchronous programming so like it does not wait for a process to complete it actually like it actually starts executing the process and then it moves to the next part so that it can start creating a new process ok no need to learn new language to create application all servers like if you are already familiar with JavaScript.

So JavaScript will be sitting on your front part of the application javascript will be sitting in the back end of the application with the power of node.js so you don’t have to learn on you new language and helps you create a real-time web application so what what are real-time web application real-time web applications are the data is actually a Schlick where data is actually updated in real time no need to actually sort of update the page or refresh the page.

So like it’s sort of a tangle where things are going at real-time place so you don’t have to refresh things so a lot and who is using node.js so paper LinkedIn Yahoo and Netflix are the few companies which I thought I should mention what are the famous companies which are using node.js. 

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