What is metaverse?

What is the metaverse and how is it related to crypto?

Whatever is the metaverse, it is related to crypto because whatever technology will come in the metaverse It will be decentralized mostly, so the advantage of being decentralized is that you will have unlimited freedom in it.

So what we see on the phone right now, in that only you can see and hear. But in the coming times, whatever will come in front of you, in which you can enter by yourself virtually. Like you can virtually attend that meeting sitting at home Can go to meet someone, can go shopping, can pay anywhere, means a lot of things Meaning something like this in the world as we have seen in Hollywood movies.

Those people literally click in the air and respond from the screen. Now you can do all that thing in the coming time because Facebook has given it a kickstart. Along with Facebook, Microsoft has also announced and Google is already working on it.

So who is this whole tech joint company?  Together they will increase it together, at that time crypto-like decentraland, MANA, or NFT will all have a new role. Like what is there in Decentraland that they have a platform of NFT on which you go and buy a plot of land virtual means you will be told virtual-only that so much space is yours, that’s why all this platform was pumped so much because Facebook announced META What was the use of NFT till now?

Till now pictures were sold there, music, art, gifs, animation were all sold there. Now what will happen when the Metaverse will be fully used, in the coming time, you will buy the cloth of NFT.

If you want to attend the meeting virtually, then you have to go there and buy clothes. So you can change your entire lookout If there is a seminar taking place as the seminar is in Delhi and you don’t have time to go there then you can virtually attend it and it will feel like you are sitting in it by yourself This is the plan for the future What you see in VR glasses in today’s time, such as the 3D dimension people feel, then it will be advanced as normal people wear glasses, that way glasses are starting now.

So whatever is the beginning is all about seeing how the audience will accept it. From the next year, gradually you will start seeing all these things as if the virtual meeting happens now, it will not happen now, now everyone will attend together and your virtual assistant will speak there as you speak here.

This whole world is going to change a lot in the coming time, but the role that will play here now is crypto because first it is decentralized and secondly all this technology is already available there. First, when technology is being developed, people go to the already developed technology and lookout.

That’s why all the NFT platforms that were there, all the NFT tokens have given a good response. So what has happened now, the spike is found after that it is down, so here we will show NFT i.e. the new button of metaverse has arrived When we get to the coin market cap, there is a button for Metaverse.

There is a list of all the cryptos related to Metaverse, in the beginning, there are 10 to 20 cryptos and as soon as you get a chance, start buying them. It has now started here, till now the main role of NFT was to sell pictures and it was not used for coming from different angles in crypto. But in this angle of NFT, all those things are becoming practical.

Now, all that thing is looking as if I have to put something somewhere like if I want to build my land and build my house, then all these things can be set in it.

So now the scene that will happen will be very different, as we see people playing games and adding any of our friends and playing with them, what will happen now we will go and play in it ourselves By adding all the ability we have, we will do in it.

An example, this morning I went on a morning walk there I saw that there were 2 people. who was around 60 years old, two people were playing something on their mobile. When I went near and saw he was playing carrom game. and he was so happy he was so happy He was very happy.

That I hit this piece and were discussing in this way. They are sitting at a distance of about 20 30 feet and playing the same game. So at that time, I thought that if technology is used properly then this can also happen. Like parents and our grandparents, all this technology has reached them, so it is good form.

Knowingly unknowingly, we are not able to give them so much time, so now they have learned to engage themselves by using social media and technology. And social media is pretty much all around us now. So it’s time to enhance it so that’s it What you guys will see in the coming few years Metaverse is an updated version of this.

Meta Means Unlimited Means Beyond As Far As You Think So this is a scene from beyond, Facebook has started, so it will slowly appear in front of us, so all these things were already there in crypto, then it will grab it very soon We all will grab the opportunity it has. So you guys, we connect this to our website and how can we take advantage for us, for this, we all go on the system.

And here we see if the market conditions are there. So the market is currently very fit and running in a good mode. So here we find how to find metaverse This is Coingecko’s website and if you go to all categories here, then you will see the metaverse here by going a little down here.

Metaverse that a whole category has been put here, which is a good thing, there is not much token in it as of today So the number one token right now is Axi Infinity because Axie Infinity is a gaming platform.

That’s why it’s been pumping ever since Facebook announced The second is Decentralend ie MANA. What happens in Decentralland is that the virtual land here is bought and its token is MANA, here it has also doubled a lot. All these platforms are in the list of Metaverse, all of them are listed here.

You can go and see all these and put them in your favorite list and you can take entry in it slowly. Number one which is in the list of this metaverse is AXIE, number two is MANA and number 3 is SAND, it is all in the whole list.

Now all these things will happen if you keep them on hold, now the things that Facebook is doing slowly, all the tech giants are doing something or the other about meta, then what will happen in that all these tokens will be pumped So we can take direct benefit from this.

This technology is new, we can get all these things in the same way, then we are getting it. It is a simple thing which is absolutely practical in the coming time, you think now we are sitting here, where are you sitting, then you are seeing all these things from the technology itself and you are able to get accurate and you are able to see it in HD. So all this thing was going to be available in the coming time.

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