What magic is this? Basket flying alone while loading tomatoes.. Viral video!

It is common for different types and different videos to go viral on social media. Heartwarming videos don’t take much time to reach millions of netizens.

Many people have a variety of talents, many of which make their jobs easier and impress us. For example, we have been amazed at various feats like throwing parathas from a distance and making them fall on the plate, or pouring tea by lifting a glass.

Videos like these go viral and make the store they work in popular online. One such video is currently trending on Twitter and Instagram. But the guy in this video doesn’t work at any of the stores. Instead he simply loads a truck with tomatoes. If so, you can ask that this video has gone viral without anything special.!

But the man has gone viral because of his way of filling the truck with tomatoes. In a recent video shared by a user Sagar on Instagram, a farmer is seen standing in a field loading buckets of tomatoes onto a tall truck.

What we need to notice is that the man very easily throws the bucket full of tomatoes towards the truck. But he is very efficient in this matter. How is it that the bucket of tomatoes that he throws does not fall into the truck, only the tomatoes in it fall. An empty bucket without tomatoes falls on the field.

The person throws the bucket very deftly so that every tomato in the bucket falls directly into the truck on the left without spilling or scattering, and the empty bucket on the right. Netizens are amazed to see this amazing throw of his. are excited.

The video was shared with the caption ‘Arnold’s power, Einstein’s brain’. Within minutes of being shared on Twitter, the video has crossed nearly 10 million views and is garnering thousands of comments and likes on social media.

Many users shared the scene of Rajini eating bubble gum in the movie Sivaji, saying that his act of throwing a bucket of tomatoes and loading it into the truck is similar to superstar Rajini’s style. Some have mentioned that this is due to twisting and throwing the basket.

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