Which language is better for App Development?

Mobile App is the best way to connect peoples. Flutter areĀ  user friendly and most popular technologies for cross-platform software development of mobile applications.

Flutter is google’s ui framework for cross-platform development it provides fast and responsive way to beat native applications on ios android web as well as desktop which support windows mac and linux operating system and that’s the power of letter.

Let’s look at 10 reasons that why android developers around the world are shifting towards flutter

first in the list we are having developer friendly so flutter is very developer friendly as most of the widget it provides are pre-built like rows columns and containers and lot lot more. So we just need to modify and use it in our application which helps to build beautiful user interface more quickly and with less code.

Second we have more efficient. So when it comes to efficiency flutter is just wow means the work that java can complete in 179 files and 12 176 lines dart can complete in just 31 files and 1735 lines and that’s like more than 10 times efficient similarly flutter is way more efficient as compared to all other platforms used for android development which saves a lot of time and effort.

Third is cross platform. So as flutter is a cross platform from a single code base you can make applications for ios android web as well as desktop which reduces a lot of work if you want to create a product for all the platforms and thus flutter proves itself as the best solution.

fourth in the list we are having hot reload so while developing one of the panes is when you have to run the changes in the code in other platforms it takes 10 to 15 seconds to save the code compile it and see the output on the screen. But in the case of flutter it just takes fraction of seconds and that’s the power of flutter which makes it fast and smooth.

Fifth is dart programming language. So flutter uses dart programming language which is a very easy to learn and powerful language and is very similar to modern object oriented programming languages so if you are having any prior experience to programming it’s very easy to get started with that.

Sixth in the list we are having open source so flutter has one of the largest open source communities that has emerged in past few years. So it provides enriched documentation about each and everything in flutter and with all the kind and helping people in the community it becomes really easy to get started with flutter as they are always up to help you by either giving some advice or referring to some documentation.

Seventh we are having freelance opportunities so freelance opportunities for flutter are increasing rapidly last year there was a 320 percent increase in the freelance opportunities for flutter which clearly indicates the demand for flutter and it’s only gonna get bigger and that’s what attract developers towards it.

Eighth in the list we are having singles file so while developing android applications from other platforms we have to maintain two files separately one for user interface and one for its functionality but in the case of flutter we just have to maintain a single file which reduces a lot of work as from a single file you can maintain both its ui as well its functionality in an easy way.

Ninth we are having packages and plugins so flutter provides us with a lot of packages and plugins for android development like ar core for augment reality mlkit for machine learning and a lot lot more. So we can make applications for whatever we want with ease and it works really smooth with the integration of different technologies like machine learning augmented reality and a lot lot more which makes it really easy to explore different technologies with flutter.

10th we are having compatible with all ide so when it comes to development ide plays a really important role and in case of flutter you can get started with the ide that you are most comfortable with as flutter integrates with all the major development tools like android studio visual studio xbox eclipse netbeans and a lot lot more.

So flutter has clearly came out as a winner as compared to all other platforms for android development as slutter apps look native smooth and slick just as native android and that’s what make flutter the first choice.

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