You too Puppet.. Me too Aseem, Vikraman bought kicked out of Puppet job

Massive Boss The present workforce has launched the primary promo video for the nineteenth day of the Tamil season 6 present.

On September 9th, the sixth season of Bigg Boss, hosted by actor Kamal Haasan, premiered. Ram Ramasamy, Asal Kolar, Shivin Ganesan, Mohammed Aseem, Robert Grasp, Ayesha, Shereena, Manikanda Rajesh, Rakshitha Mahalakshmi, Aryan Dinesh Kanakaratnam, Janani, Shanthi, Vikraman, Amudavanan, Maheshwari Sanakyan, and V.J.

Two folks left the Bigg Boss home final week. First, on Saturday, GB Muthu fled the house to halt the present. Subsequent on the elimination checklist was Dance Grasp Shanti who was eradicated from the present for getting much less votes.

The Bigg Boss present is still airing with the remaining 19 participants in the interim. Whereas Quincy has been chosen because the captain of the Bigg Boss home this week, Aseem, Maheshwari, Ayesha, Asal, Rachita, Janani and Aryan Dinesh Kanakaratnam have been nominated for elimination.

This week within the Bigg Boss home, the duty was given as a sport known as Nee Neum Pumya, Naam Pumya. The duty consisted of putting dolls with the names of the 19 contestants in the home within the Carter space. During which the contestants must take a toy with another person’s identify on it with out their very own identify and produce it to the desired place.

Every contestant is eradicated in every spherical. This job began final Tuesday and there have been many riots contained in the Bigg Boss home.

Immediately, the present workforce has launched the primary promo video for the nineteenth day. Bigg Boss introduced that each Aseem and Vikraman will probably be eradicated from this spherical for not putting the unique Aseem identify doll and Aseem Vikraman identify doll and never putting it within the doll home, with one spot left vacant within the doll home.

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