Can We Sleep At North Direction? Why?

There are lots of articles and movies on the Internet that address the topic, “Can we sleep with our heads on the North side?” Senior citizens believe this without scientific evidence. It’s fine because they believe. In a few videos, they discussed the science behind this phenomenon. For example, Healer Boxer and Sadhguru explained things using science.

Why You Not To Sleep With Head Towards North By Sadhguru

Even Earth is like a magnet; it has north and south poles, and as the guru put it, “the north pole has a lot of force, thus it draws the continents towards it.”

In India, the Indian plateau and the plateau on top collided to form mountains, and the Himalayas were formed in this manner.

Sadhguru also stated that the Himalayas were formed by the collision of two plateaus as a result of interaction from the north pole, and the plateu collision occurred and the Himalayas were formed.


Now that I have a magnet bar with north and south poles and an iron coin attached to it, is the coin travelling north? Can the magnet attract the items to the north? It will not.

If you keep the coin in the north, it attaches to the north pole magnet, and if you keep it in the south, it attaches to the south pole magnet. There is no scientific foundation for his notion that continents are dragged towards the north.

The next guru stated, “When we have anaemia, the doctor advises us to take iron,calcium in food” and “our body and blood has iron,so if you sleep with your head on north,by the north pole interaction more iron towards north and to the brain “neurons are so minute,they are damaged by small increase in blood supply.”

So, if we sleep on the north side, we may suffer from diseases such as strokes or even die while sleeping.”

And also stated that people in the north side (over the equatorial line) do not sleep facing north, and people in the south side, such as Australia, do not sleep facing south because the pole has more power. There is no scientific reason why you are saying north people should not sleep facing north, and south people should sleep facing south pole.

Question Raised to Sadhguru

“Then how do people in equatorial sleep sleep?” one person questioned Sadhguru, and he replied, “Spin like a needle,” and he laughed after answering.

Heler Basker Story

Basker explains the fundamental magnet principle. If I split a magnet in half, the opposite poles are attracted to each other. When opposite poles are present, repulsion develops.

We were aware of this. The same poles repel one other, while opposite poles attract each other. Body parts above our navel are the north pole, and body parts below the navel are the south pole.

Sadhguru merely mentioned the iron in our bodies, while Basker stated that we are the magnet.

According to his descriptions of the magnet, Our head is a north pole, since same poles repel and opposing poles attract. So, when we sleep with our heads on the north side, magnetic repulsion happens. It may appear as a good explanation if we envision our body as a magnet with a magnetic field, and north will pull us if we sleep with our heads on the north side.


But the reality is, if we take this as a compass needle, and the coin represents the north direction, this needle represents the north side.

Thus one question emerges from the basic principle, opposite direction attracted and same direction repelled the direction is north and the compass needle is also at north, if it is a magnet it should be directed that way, so this kind of question arises here but it won’t.

If this direction is north, the magnet should point that towards south.But it directed towards north,it is opposite to magnetic theory. One thing needs to be understood here.

There are geographical north and south, as well as magnetic north and south. Geographically, the top is north and the bottom is south, however magnetically, north is below and south is above.

Humans have been using magnets for thousands of years. The naturally magnetised iron is known as lodestone. You may have noticed this in the Minecraft game, which has inherent magnetising properties.

The strength of this artificial magnet was quite modest. That’s a natural magnet.

Earth, of course, is a magnet. William Gilbert confirmed magnetic fields around 1600. There are numerous theses on magnetic fields. The Dianamo effect is significant because the Earth’s core contains a large amount of material. Because of the movement of nickel or iron in the earth’s core, a charge is created and, as a result, electricity is produced in the earth’s core.

According to researchers, the magnetic field is weakening in many parts of the world these days. The magnetic field acts as a barrier for the earth against solar wind and UV rays. Northern lights-deflection of particles occurs at the north pole.

It has a nice and light appearance. Magnetic fields are more beneficial to our ecosystem since birds use them to navigate. This magnetic field is used by animals and birds to move by water or from continent to continent. All living species, not just humans, require a magnetic field.

We all know that if there is current, a magnetic field will exist. Magnets and electricity are inextricably linked, which is why it is referred to as electromagnetic. Because of the movement of charge in the earth’s core, the earth behaves like a magnetic field, and several hypotheses exist to explain this.

Another surprise was that the magnetic field is not uniform, with the north and south poles fluctuating. There are evidences that north and south of 7lak were interchanged in the past.

The change from north to south and vice versa occurred around 183 times in 8.3 billion years. Scientists quantify magnetic field variations using ocean beaches, volcano deposits, and satellite images. Using this technology, we learned about the magnetic field and the human body.

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