Why you are taller in the morning than at night?

All of you know that every human being is of different height. Yeah! That is right.

But do you know that, there is a scientific fact which is not known to many people?

The height of a person is more during the morning compared to that in the evening. Is it confusing?
Example: When I wake up in the morning my height is 175 cm. Okay. As the time passes, when I measure my height in the evening it will be either 173 cm or 174 cm. You may think that I am bluffing.

But there is a proven scientific explanation behind this fact. How can someone with a height of 175 cm in the morning have a height of 173 cm in the evening? That is, where did the one or 2 cm vanish within few hours? This is today’s question! In order to find the answer to this question, we have to take a look at our back bone. We can get an answer to this, only by looking carefully at how it is structured.

Reason for height

So let’s look at our back bone. See here. This is our back bone. Our back bone is not made up of just bones. That is, in between the vertebral bones, we have the so called intervertebral discs which are disc like structures present between the vertebral bones.

The speciality in these discs

They have the ability to flex like an elastic sponge. That is, these discs are one of the important reasons for the ability of our body to flex. Okay, this is sufficient to know about the structure of our back bone.

Relation between height and back bone

These sponge like discs absorb the fluid in our body when we sleep at night. Due to the absorption in the discs, the height of our body appears to be increased in the morning.

Thats the reason in the morning, the height is 175 cm. Okay! Now you know the reason for the tallness in the morning. But why getting shorter from 175 cm to 173 cm in the evening. It is nothing else but another easy explanation.

That is, after we wake up, what do we do? We walk and roam around, play and do our work. What is happening to our body then? The gravitational force of the Earth is being exerted on our body. During that, the gravitational force is also exerted on our back bone. In our body, especially the fluid in the intervertebral discs is getting expelled little by little.

What is happening during the expulsion?

The height of our back bone is also getting reduced little by little. When the height of our back bone decreases, what happens to the height of our body? It is also decreased in the same way!

So, the reason behind the mysterious height difference which we come across daily is this simple and nothing more.

But don’t worry adults you didn’t start growing again it actually has to do with the pressure put on your joints all day long all that walking running just general living causes very small.

But real compression in the cartilage in your spine during the day the cartilage is slowly compacted gravity pitches in too slowly pushing everything down.

So when you go to bed your body finally gets the chance to relax easing the pressure on your spinal discs and cartilage. So when you wake up in the morning you’re about 1 and a half to 2 centimeters taller nothing’s squeezed. It’s all relaxed and ready for another day of action you’re drifting off to sleep.

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