Why do we get sugar?

What causes blood sugar level increase and how to control?

We do know it has nothing to do with eating too much sugar are too many carbs well things have changed a bit since those days.

How do diabetics become diabetics the standard answer given by probably, the majority of dietitians and many of the doctors say we don’t know and we cannot cure or reverse it.

But we can give you some pills and or some insulin to help keep your numbers a bit lower for a while.

Well that’s not a very satisfactory answer now there are a number of vegan doctors who are sure they have the answer and they’ll tell you the reason people become diabetic is they eat that nasty evil meat just stop eating meat in all animal products and diabetes will disappear.

Is it true eating meat is the reason for diabetics

We Frequently hear from vegans and vegetarians who are diabetic they don’t eat meat, but they still have raging diabetes. India is filled with vegetarian diabetics and they’re increasing all the time and if refusing to eat meat does not protect you from diabetes.

Then eating meat surely cannot be the cause of all diabetes there are a sizable group of doctors and nutritionists who have come to a different conclusion and those views.

How to fix diabetes so that your glucose levels are no longer in the diabetic range all right. Let’s get right into the causes of diabetes

There are four different reasons:

  • Body Type and Genetics
  • Fatty liver and fatty pancreas
  • Too much sugar in Body
  • Obesity

Body Type and Genetics

Body type and genetics i don’t consider this the major reason but it is unquestionably a factor there is a way to simply look at a person for a second just a moment and determine whether they’re a great candidate to become diabetic here’s how you can tell if they have slim arms and slim legs and a large belly they’re in trouble and guess what that has always been.

The body type and the problem is with a large stomach chances are you will easily develop a fatty liver and fatty pancreas and that is bad bad news is there anything you can do about this well yes and no.

You can’t go back to and ask for a different body type but if you stay on the slim side and your stomach is not going to grow too large and that issue will be minimized.

Some people grow weight equally on their arms and their legs and all over their body and they can be a little bit overweight and still not have a very large stomach and they won’t be so likely to become diabetic.

Fatty liver and fatty pancreas

Fatty liver and fatty pancreas whatever your body type people. Who are diabetic tend to have a lot of accumulated fat in their liver and in their pancreas.

Doctors are talk about fatty liver disease the liver and the pancreas are absolutely critical in your metabolic health.

If you have a liver stuffed with fat and a pancreas loaded with fat then there’s almost no way you could not be diabetic or at least insulin resistant especially when you’re in your 40s 50s and beyond you really need your liver and your pancreas to be lean and functioning well to keep diabetes away from your door.

Some doctors are beginning to think that what we used to call dead beta cells in the pancreas are really non-functioning beta cells as a result of being engulfed with and choked by too much fat and often when you can slim down your pancreas and get rid of the fat some or most of those beta cells may start functioning again.

Too much sugar in your body

Too much sugar in your body in your liver and in every cell of your body. Your cells are loaded with a terrible combination of sugar and fat.

When you start to become diabetic and when insulin tries to coax the cells to take glucose from the blood those cells put up a sign which says office closed they are so overloaded with sugar and fat they cannot and will not accept any more sugar.

Insulin cannot do its job the pancreas tries desperately to remedy this situation by producing more and more insulin.

But as insulin resistance increases wildly the glucose in the blood. Simply cannot get into the cells and your blood glucose levels begin to rise your fasting glucose goes from 100 to 150 to 200 to 300 to 400 and more your doctor tells you, you are diabetic and gives you a prescription for pills or insulin.


obesity now there’s not a perfect one-to-one correspondence between diabetes and obesity.

Some obese people do not have diabetic numbers and some thin people are diabetic. So it will not suggesting that the moment you become significantly overweight.

You’re going to have sky-high blood sugar still there is no question that there’s a link between being overweight and diabetic and often if an obese person loses enough weight and gets down to a normal weight they will cease being a diabetic at least according to their numbers. Their fasting glucose levels come down and their doctor pats them on the back and says well done.

Now these first four reasons are true and reasonable and beyond dispute. But they don’t tell the whole story there are deeper and more foundational reasons behind them.

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