Is wine bad or good for health?

Is it okay to drink a little wine while you die? Well, it depends on who you ask. In the 20th century, some physicians would prescribe wine to cancer patients who said it was fine. Today, when teenagers drink alcohol, we whine. We claim it’s fine when they drink wine. Studies show wine as the magic potion for a healthy heart, but that’s not what doctors say.

World Heart Federation

The World Heart Federation believes that no amount of alcohol is helpful for the heart. According to the report, over 2.4 million individuals died from alcohol-related causes in 2019, accounting for 4.3 percent of all annual deaths and 12.6 percent of deaths among men aged 15 to 49. At the end of the day, wine is alcohol, and there is no such thing as a safe amount of alcohol. What it can be carcinogenic in 2020, 4% of cancer cases will be connected to alcohol, according to a study published in the Lancet. When we think of alcohol, we naturally think of whiskey, gin, and vodka. We never associate wine with cancer. The reality is that when we consume any sort of alcohol, the onus is on us.

Is it ok to drink a bottle of wine

When we consume any form of alcohol, our liver is responsible for processing it. When that drink is digested, it produces acetaldehyde, which is poisonous and a proven carcinogen. This is the link between wine and cancer. According to one study, wine is comparable to cigarettes. One bottle of wine equals five smokes for men and ten cigarettes for women each week.

French secret

How do we explain the French paradox, in which the population consumes a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol but has low rates of heart disease? Many people believe red wine is the French secret because it contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Choose what you want

Red wine contains ten times the amount of polyphenols as white wine. Scientists aren’t disputing this, but if you’re drinking wine for health reasons, you’d be better off eating a piece of fruit or a bowl of veggies, which also contain polyphenols and pose no additional risk of cancer. So let’s face it: a glass of wine isn’t OK.

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